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MLG’s Mission Statement

We are a leading provider of legal, title, and settlement/closing services in many states.   We strive to provide the highest quality of services to our clients in a personalized, competent, and down-to-earth manner.  We promise to always communicate transaction details every step of the way and fulfill our clients’ closing wishes. We will be responsive to our clients’ needs by adapting to and complying with the ever-changing industry regulations and technologies. In today’s times, we want to accommodate busy schedules by offering our clients convenient closing options. We are committed to be the best in the industry. Read client reviews for yourself on Google. #bestclosingattorneyever.com

MLG Is The Key To Your Closing!

MLG represents home buyers and sellers, in addition to lenders, investors, and builders. We are a group of seasoned real estate attorneys and paralegals with a proven track record of handling closings in a straight forward, streamlined, and professional manner. When you contact MLG, we are ready to answer any question or concern in a timely and clear manner. MLG will review and/or prepare your purchase and sale agreements, provide title examination, issue title insurance, and explain the title and closing procedure from beginning to the end. We manage all title and details with all parties involved, while communicating updates with you along the way. We provide exceptional service and communication to keep your real estate transaction on track to close in a timely and efficient manner. Let MLG serve your real estate needs.

The Importance of a Real Estate Attorney and Working with the MLG Team

Whether buying a property, selling a property, or refinancing your existing mortgage, the best place to start is with MLG. We focus on all aspects of handling real estate transactions from title search, deed, settlement, and closing for your transaction.
Title examination: Property has to be conveyed with a free and clear title. Without clear title, the sale may become much more complicated and the closing may be delayed. MLG is here to take the necessary steps to search and clear title and verify whether there are restrictions of use, easements, and encroachments.Title insurance: Title insurance protects you and the lender in the event a problem is found with the title. Once the title examination is completed, MLG attorney prepares a title commitment to the lender, which is preliminary to obtaining title insurance. Title insurance is optional for a buyer in a real estate closing if he or she does not have to get financing through the bank or mortgage broker; it is a requirement for all lenders at the time of purchase or refinance of real estate. MLG highly recommends a Buyer purchases title insurance to protect against claims of interests, rights and liens against the subject property being purchased. It is reasonably affordable and worth the expense. From the lenders perspective, it is a requirement because the lender seeks every assurance that it has secured its first lien position on the property, and the policy is there to stand behind that lien position.

Closing Coordination: MLG establishes lines of communication between all parties involved in the real estate closing. We communicate with lenders, buyers, sellers, real estate agents, the seller’s mortgage holder (payoff request), the purchaser’s prospective homeowner’s insurance company, the tax department, seller’s attorney, and homeowner associations and condo associations, if applicable.

We are always proactive instead of reactive to any concern or issues that must be addressed for the closing transaction to go smoothly. A great deal of the coordinating and communicating occurs throughout the transaction and the most significant part is when we prepare the closing disclosure for closing and must account with multiple parties on dates and dollar amounts for closing.

Review of documents: On the day of closing, the closing attorney is present to review the various instruments associated with the real estate and loan closing. The closing attorney is available to explain documents such as a deed, a note, a mortgage, closing disclosure, disbursement at the end of the transaction and loan documentation required by the lender.

Record and disburse: MLG is responsible for closing on the transaction and distributing all monies. After review and execution of the necessary instruments of a closing, we check the land records one last time to update the title, and record the deed and mortgage. Upon recording, we disburse any and all other fees and amounts associated with the transaction, to include any real estate brokerage fees, taxes and other municipal bills that are due and payable, payoff monies for existing liens/mortgages, homeowner insurance premiums for the buyer/borrower, seller’s proceeds from sale and the attorney fees for closing. Lastly, an owners and lenders title insurance policy is issued to the lender and new owner.

0In today’s busy times, many real estate closings today are handled on one or more sides using overnight mail with payments via wire. This option makes it much easier for a seller who has already moved a distance away and needs to close the sale without returning to the area. Closing by mail adds some minor additional steps (and some extra costs) to coordinate sending the paperwork overnight and setting up alternate payment methods.

Based on the above, it is clear that a title and closing attorney’s role is vital to the real estate transaction. Selecting MLG as your title and closing attorney will ensure all details of your transaction are handled with the utmost diligence and thoroughness. Let MLG serve your real estate needs.


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