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Community Support / Sponsorships

Check the list below of our community support & sponsorships!

For every closing, Caputi Law will donate a portion of its closing profits to The Tomorrow Fund – for children with cancer.

Sponsored: 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020

Through our sponsorship with the Tomorrow Fund for Children with Cancer Foundation, we can help provide support to children battling cancer in various ways. This includes hospital parking passes for the duration of treatment, daily stipends for inpatient care, travel stipends for out-of-state treatment, assistance with home, medical, and daily expenses as the need arises, day camps for patients and their siblings, a survivorship program for continued emotional support and financial assistance for “latent effects” due to cancer treatments, and a funeral fund to assist families when their child has lost their courageous battle. Our contribution can help ease the financial burden on families during difficult times and help provide resources to aid in the fight against childhood cancer.

The Tomorrow Fund is the ONLY local non-profit organization that provides daily financial and emotional support to children with cancer and their families.  The Tomorrow Fund is an independent 501 © (3) non-profit

We have been a proud supporter of Tunnels to Towers since September 2021.

Sponsored: 2023, 2022, 2021

Our monthly support helps the foundation continue its mission to “do good,” by providing mortgage-free homes for Gold Star and fallen first responder families with young children, and by building custom-designed smart homes for catastrophically injured veterans and first responders


Building Strong Foundations: CLCF Lacrosse Team

Sponsored: 2023

As a proud sponsor of the CLCF Lacrosse Team, we are excited to join forces with these talented athletes and help them achieve their goals on and off the field. Our partnership is rooted in a shared commitment to building strong foundations, both in sports and in life. These young players embody the true spirit of lacrosse, with their dedication, teamwork, and passion for the game. With our support, we hope to help them continue to grow and develop their skills, and ultimately become true champions in their own right. With the CLCF Lacrosse Team, we are truly “sticking” to our commitment to empowering young athletes and building a better future for all.


Our Proud Sponsorship of the CLCF Chiefs Football Team

Sponsored: 2022, 2021

The CLCF Chiefs Football Team is a highly accomplished youth football team that has made a name for itself in the community. Over the years, they have showcased their exceptional skills and dedication to the sport. As proud sponsors of the team, we recognize and admire the hard work and commitment of the coaches and players who have made this possible. Their passion and determination are truly inspiring, and we are honored to be a part of their journey. We are happy to support the CLCF Chiefs Football Team as they continue to excel and make a positive impact in their community.


Backing the Best: Our Support for the CLCF Soccer Team

Sponsored: 2022, 2021, 2020

The CLCF Soccer Team is an exceptional group of young athletes who have achieved remarkable success in their sport. Over the years, the team has consistently demonstrated their skill, teamwork, and determination on the field.  As proud sponsors of the team, we are continually impressed by their hard work and dedication to the game. We believe in the importance of supporting local sports teams and are honored to be a part of the CLCF Soccer Team’s journey. We are filled with joy to support these talented athletes as they continue to achieve great things on and off the field.


Empowering the Next Generation of Softball Stars: Seekonk Girls Softball

Sponsored: 2018

We believe in the power of sports to empower and inspire young women, and we are proud to support a team that embodies these values. The Seekonk Girls Softball Team is a group of talented and dedicated athletes who have worked hard to achieve success on the field. We are honored to play a role in helping these young women pursue their passion for the sport and reach their full potential. Through our sponsorship, we hope to empower and inspire the next generation of female softball stars, and we look forward to seeing the Seekonk team continue to achieve great things both on and off the field.


Fighting Together: Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation

Sponsored: 2017, 2016

We have been honored and humbled to support the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation through our sponsorship. The work that the foundation does to support individuals and families affected by breast cancer is nothing short of incredible, and we are proud to stand alongside them in this fight. The stories of courage, resilience, and hope that we have witnessed through our partnership have touched us deeply and inspired us to do all that we can to help those in need. We believe that by working together, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by breast cancer.